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Day 2: July 1, 2014

Purpose: Launch comprehensive support processes for Governor’s Teacher Network Pathway 1 Participants.


  • Orient Governor’s Teacher Network participants to the scope and expectations of pathway 1.

  • Introduce participants to regional support team members.

Participant Outcomes:
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the requirements for pathway 1.

  • Meet PD Lead coaches.

  • Network within and across content areas and regional location.

  • Practice accessing and using professional literature for instructional improvement.

  • Establish near-term project goals.

Section I: Getting to Know You



4 Corners Activity


Section II: Identifying Your Area of Focus


Area of Focus Worksheet and Discussion Questions

Section III: Making Sense of Professional Literature



Truth or Myth for All Participants
Truth or Myth for Team Leader Tally Card
Web Links for Making Sense of Professional Literature
Research Note-Taking Tool
Excel Version of Research Note-Taking Tool


Section IV: Next Steps


Goal Setting: First Day
Goal Setting: GTN Wrap-up